Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I know what you hide

Lestat is not literally a mind reader. But as a Sylar, he learned it from psychology. Intuitively, the greatest gift for a mastermind is to learn something within a remarkable speed and mastery. So he he learned about self defense mechanism, the work of brain, the nature of the mind. Actually I needed it more than him. This capability enable me to fully control Lestat in masked mode.

The gift proven right, now Lestat is a body language master, a truth behind word uncoverer, a threat scanner. He provide me honest that lies between lies. He showed me liars, and teach me how become a good one though I never want to use it. With an uncanny accuracy he provide me a full profile about someone just with a glimpse of information and direct contact. He have Dyonisos force, the God of theater and shadow, as a darkness virtue

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