Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I see it in their eyes

Brain, mask, arrogant, humble, psycho. They recognize my brain size; they cannot see beyond my face so they think I am wearing a mask; I love to demonstrate talent and sometime sinical to others without, so makes my image as arrogant; The genuine conversation that I try to have, mainly in the level of emotion and heart, for certain people concluded as humble; The weird mode in my writing and sometime email or messenger chat, or sometime unattached to the world, enough to get label psycho or cold blood (and in fact, in elementary school my teacher called me cold blood murderer, honest).

I have no intention to be arrogant, but also have no intention to change my behavior just to please someone. What I offer to people is a genuine word, genuine kindness, that I believe there’s a good thing in everyone. Use it well, and you will get a great loyal talented friend and partner

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