Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Nitimur in vetitum

What do you care about this?
Nothin concern with your business.
This is my private decision to relocate my masked mind into a "whatever i want" sentences, to talk without privacy, without tendency, and without mask to cover my mind. This is me unmasked, this is me uncontrolled. This is a victory of my ego. The dominant side of my "Alter". To let my darkest thought win, to denies anybody who think they knew me.

No, you did not. Not a single thing of my passion, not a single thing of my disruptive mind. My egocentric mind. No body ever nodus that i will think this way, and may be they will get never would. Thanks to Fa. For the inspiration to unmasked all of thing behind a charming faces, my wiseguy look, MY GLORIUS MASK.

So let me introduce you to my dear Lestat, a character who imitates a legendary vampires. Long before Edward came to novelties, Lestat is the cassanova. His touch make my life not plain, it was as bored as a teenager with a chess board and turn it into something bitter but sweet. Dyonisos guide him, give another appetizing character. Like a well mix dark premium chocolate.
Dark and thick, bitter and sweet.

His presence ripped my introverties, came a long with Dyonisos in teen age. Born in my theater age, in stage act, in the beauty of the poetry, in dark novel, in Nietzche books, in my exploration for my dark inner space. I sometime believe he lurked in my childhood misery and bursted out to let me feel happy.

He make my life more live. Lestat have gift in touching emotion, have strength to work with passion, have charm in speaking to another beautiful mind, have magnetism for those who lust for soulmates or mindrival. Lestat is mastermind, is romance, is art, is charm, is emphatic, is ambition, is passion, is Id.

Lestat offered me a complete virtue of the darkpath
Lestat is me

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diannovi said...

so, this is the last posting that you left since 4 years ago?

umm.. not bad, anyway.;)