Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Schizo | Dear mastermind

I am a little bit tired with polite speaking. Blogging to entertain people. Behave to be said as normal. Actually in the first time blogging it meant to be my mind capture. Without pretending. Without knowledge showing. Without necessity to be read; to be vote; to be plotted in the top list of any blog list. But, it is the share of inspiration that keep me continuoing my official blog. So, rather than scares you, readers, to see different character in me, I decided to split it here. And also I cannot let Lestat ruined my life by showing in the public.

This is me, unmask, uncensored, forced by Lucifer, guided by Dyonisos, it is me, Lestat. If you like what I write it that’s mean you like me. It's mean you accept the right or wrong me, the saint me and evil me. If you don’t, well, please find "the boring me version". That guy who make this stupid blog for me. He is good, the problem is when gone bad he said I did it. Yeah, better you make friend with my dear saint mastermind.

Schizo, divided, torn apart.
So, Welcome to my dark mind.

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